12 Months:

• Uses 3-5 words

• Understands 3-50 words

• Responds to his/her name

• Follows simple commands “Sit

down” • Waves hi/bye

18 Months:

• Uses 50-100 words

• Follows 1-step directions “Get

the ball” • Points to body parts

or pictures when asked

• Communicates to request, comment

and refuse

24 Months:

• Uses 200-300 words

• Understands new words quickly

• Understands words for objects

out of sight

• Uses 2-word phrases “Mommy go”

• Follows directions to find

familiar objects “get the book

and the ball”

• Speech is understood by others

50% of the time

30 Months:

• Uses over 350 words

• Uses action words e.g., sitting,

running • Uses and understands

questions about objects and people

“Where’s daddy?”

• Uses and understands pronouns (me,

my, you)

• Tells simple stories with


36 Months: • Uses over 1000 words

• Uses and understands location words

(in, on, under) • Uses and understands

“why” • Follows 2-steps directions

“get your ball and put it on the


• Follows directions with modifier

“walk slowly” , “get the red car”

• Tell simple stories with a sequence

of events

• Speech is understood by others 75% of

the time

4 Years Old:

• Uses 4 words per sentence

• Uses and understands “when” and “how”

questions • Uses and understands size words

i.e., big/little

• Begins to join sentences using “and” ,


• Tells stories about past events

• Expresses ideas and feelings

5 Years Old:

• Uses a variety of words nouns, verbs,

description words

• Understands most of what is said at home

and/or school

• Joins sentences using “when” , “if” ,


• Uses words to invite other children to play

• Knows letter names and sounds

• Tells stories with a series of events and


6 Years Old:

• Uses description words

• Asks questions to get information

• Follows 3-step directions without help

• Understands opposites • Retells simple


• Tells stories with beginning, problem,

solution and ending

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